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Home Preschool – Summer Fun Outdoor Activities

Hey everyone! Hope you don’t mind that I’ll be incorporating our homeschool journey on my blog as well. I like being able to keep everything in one place. While we aren’t quite starting a curriculum just yet, I wanted to start documenting some of the fun activities we’re doing this summer. I like to keep things simple, fun, and relaxed. Learning doesn’t have to be forced. Trust me, three year old brains are constantly absorbing information. (Like when you think they aren’t listening but then later on they’re like, “WHAT DOES DEAD MEAN?” — By the way, the context was “It’s so dead out here” meaning there wasn’t much traffic.)

Anyway! For reference, Jack will be 3.5 in August. I get a lot of my ideas from Pinterest, Busy Toddler and Simply Learning.

Here’s a little bit of what we’ve been up to:

Exploring our home in the PNW. Being outdoors makes everything a lot more fun20170719_111430-01Beat boredom with a spray bottle. You’d be surpised how much entertainment a $1 spray bottle can provide but BEWARE sometimes it turns on you.

IMG_1606-01A mini car wash! I used foaming shaving cream, a couple cars, a paintbrush, the very versatile spray bottle and VOILA! Messy outdoor sensory fun.

20170718_130844-01Water beads!!! If you haven’t experienced the awesomeness that are water beads, you must give them a chance. (Not for children who still want to put everything in their mouths though!) You can get them on Amazon or at Michael’s in the vase filler aisle!20170719_140255-01

I’ll have more fun outdoor activities for you next week! Thanks for stopping by. Questions? Comments? Concerns? Leave them below!


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